Who am I?

Anna Plebanek Owner | Sales & Marketing & everything else
"Traveler" is the word that describes me best. I could spend all my life in a car discovering the world, flavors, new cultures, and talking to people. If I could avoid flights, I would. I love the driver's perception and discovering the routes.</p> <p>Since always I have been learning foreign languages. I would love to speak Portuguese someday but first I decided to master Italian, Spanish, and German. Snowboard and barbell relax me completely. Food & wine make me happy and someday I will become a certified sommelier.</p> <p>Owner of Reservations Agency for luxury properties.</p> <p>At Five Star Destination, I am responsible for new relationships, sales & marketing strategy, and the development of this project.</p> <p>I believe in fair cooperation, partnership, and an individual approach. I believe a hobby may become a dream job, but I do not let my dream job become my hobby.

Where the idea & concept came from?

The idea was born many years ago and the project, until its first official publication, changed at least a few times. All that happened in between was gaining knowledge, shaping tastes, and striving for perfection.

My experience is what shaped this concept and what let me decide which part of the market I should create, so let my wonderful clients could enjoy every single day of their stay, does not matter which destination they choose.

Still, the main trigger to give life to this project was my willingness to create a friendly place for these travelers who expect world-class service, a welcoming attitude, a relaxing atmosphere, unparalleled experiences, and an individual approach.

Sounds like a fairy tale? Well… I create fairy tales, do not I?

Who the team is & how we work?

We are a small team of passionate with an individual approach, creating life-lasting experiences for our clients. Direct collaboration and conversation with people who are the core of this project are what we value most.

We talk, listen, and take action to fulfill the dreams of those, who wish to experience the top level of traveling. By using the elimination method we discover the most iconic, secret destinations and top-luxury services.


Tell us your story & we will give you the options. | Dream & we will make it real. | Decide & and we will arrange.

Wish you like to join my team?

We are a remote team. We do not own an office, we do not limit ourselves, we travel a lot (while working), we study, and learn (all the time) and we love it.

Still, we do collaborate with each other. We are here because we love that.

If you think you could contribute to what we create at Five Star Destination feel free to send your resume to ask@fivestardestiantion.com.

My private selection of luxury destinations