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We represent luxury properties carefully selected to satisfy all needs of the most demanding travellers.

We specialize in top-class luxury.

In our portfolio, you will find a fine selection of 5*/L/S/D properties offering top service and securing your privacy.

Tell us where you travel and we will find the best property for your needs.

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LJs Ratxo | Eco Luxury Retreat
Mallorca Spain

This marvellous place is close to the capital of Mallorca yet a world away from the stress of everyday life. Enjoy an indulgent and extravagant holiday served with care for our planet. In this place, you’ll experience life-affirming moments perfect for sharing with your loved one or with your favourite people.

Velaa Private Island
Noonu Atoll Maldives

Velaa Private Island, a place on Earth where water, sand and greenery make an amazing combination. Luxurious interiors tailored to the individual needs of guests and service at the highest level. Relax at SPA or take advantage of the wide range of water sports. Do not limit your imagination...

Tulia Zanzibar | Unique Beach Resort
Zanzibar Tanzania

Soak up the atmosphere of the exotic Zanzibar. Beautiful surroundings, stylish interiors, fresh and healthy cuisine are waiting for you to come. The beaches invite you to relax by the water and focus on here and now. Tulia is the perfect place for a paradise escape from every day worries.

OKU Ibiza | laidback luxury resort
Ibiza Spain

OKU Ibiza is a perfect destination both for a family holiday and a getaway for two. Earthy vibes of the interiors, stylish gym with relaxing SPA, fresh food from the local ingredients and refreshing cocktails are waiting for you to discover. Feel the spirit of Ibiza and find a balance in this unique place.

Il Sereno | LHW
Lombardy Italy

Discover the marvelous destination where comfort and luxury combine perfectly. Breathtaking views, stunning interiors and natural beauty will make your holidays very memorable. The hotel offers a wide variety of activities for families and couples. After an active rest, you will be able to enjoy delicious dishes at Barton Al Lago or melt away in SPA treatments.

OKU Kos | laidback luxury | adults only
Kos Greece

Discover the romantic beach hideaway. OKU Kos is a perfect destination to relax and spend the most amazing moments with your better half. The minimalist style leaves room for deep self-development and finding mind-body balance. Delicious food and spa treatments will make you experience this holiday with all of your senses.

Eden Reserve Hotel & Villas
Brescia Italy

Eden Reserve Hotel & Villas is beautifully located place for a family vacation. Realm of light and airiness set against the Mediterranean backdrop of the sparkling Lake Garda will give you deep relaxation and calm. Gardone Riviera is a perfect place to focus on your own thoughts or to engage in many interesting activities.

Villa Dubrovnik
Dalmatia Croatia

Villa Dubrovnik is the perfect destination for those who seek for the opportunity to relax and adventure. Immerse in history of this place and take a private tour of Dubrovnik Old Town, ringed by mighty defensive walls. Take a walk with the local guide and explore the labyrinth of architectural treasures.

San Canzian Village & Hotel | SLH
Istria Croatia

San Canzian Village & Hotel is a unique place that brings together the local tradition and beauty of Croatia. Discover the native treasures, taste delicious dishes and admire the raw elegance of the interiors, broken with the cosiness of grey and beige.

Is your destination still unknown?

Let us help you choose the best one for you.

About us and our Luxury Travel Club

Our vision

We are a young team with a clear vision of our collection and our collection reflects who we are. All our properties are young too and are managed by experienced yet young managers with fabulous, fresh ideas, to offer you seamless pleasure of the stay.

We love design, art, architecture, natural materials of the highest quality, simplicity, comfort, textures, human approach to hospitality mixed with experience and open-minded thinking of people, who create and are an integral part of each property, that becomes your home for the time of your stay.

Still, your privacy is the attribute that we value most.

We invite you to become a member of our family.

Our values.

90% of our time is taken by research and travelling because we check and evaluate each property on our own before we approve it for our collection.

We truly believe that luxury does not have to mean gold and diamonds. We say yes to luxury that aligns with who you really are and what you really need to be relaxed, satisfied and fulfilled. Your full relaxation is our highest priority.

We believe that luxury is something close to our nature that reflects in genuine experiences close to our bodies and souls, that is why we experience each hotel and resort first, before we propose it to you.

For whom is the collection and Member Club created?

We believe that not everything is made for everybody.

We are active people enjoying life and this collection reflects who we are and who our clients are.

If you are active, do sports, enjoy discovering new destinations, are open-minded but at the same time appreciate relaxation, silence, quality of food & wine and access to places that are not accessible to everybody, we are the right choice for you.

How do we work?

Our main office takes care of the best luxury accommodation fitting your personality, preferences and needs.

Our trusted and experienced teams based in offices located in the countries of your destination take care of you from arrival to departure. They are our extension and we are sure they will take care of you the same as we would do on our own.

They will wait for you at the airport, will walk you through the fast-track, will take care of you during your stay, will take care of all your activities and excursions and in the end, they will walk you safely for your come back flight.

Still, we assure you that we know every single person you would meet, that would greet you and that would be your guide, chef, driver or butler.

As we said before, we travel a lot to know every single person involved in your stay.

And we are picky, to secure your comfort and feeling of safety.

We are here to create your dream stay experience.
Tell us where you travel to and we will find the best property for your needs.

We are proud to work with the best ones of luxury travel industry

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Snow & Mountain Paradises

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Luxury Sarafis & Camps

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Luxury Kite Surfing & Water Sports Spots

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Yoga & Mindfulness Bliss