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About the project

Who we are?

Anna Plebanek Owner | Sales & Marketing & everything else
Firstly - traveller. I could spend all my life in car discovering the world, new cultures and talking to people. Secondly - eager learner of languages. I would love to speak Portuguese but first I decided to master Italian and Spanish. Snowboarder and yoga lover. Once I practise them both I reset my mind and relax completely. Wine lover. Someday I will become a certified sommelier. For the last few years Reservations Manager for one of 5* properties located in Zanzibar & owner of Reservations Agency for few other properties. At Five Star Destination, I am responsible for new relationships, sale & marketing strategy and development of this project. I believe in fair cooperation, partnership and individual approach. If I am in the project it becomes my life.

Kaja Szybiak Co-owner| Project Manager, social media, communication
Lover of World. Those who know me know, that I am a healthy food admirer and a sport freak - especially for running, gym and yoga. I am a travelling lover who wants to see the whole world. Assistant Reservations Manager working with Anna for 5* luxury property. At Five Star Destination I am responsible for research, quality of the product and starting cooperations with the owners of best properties. I choose and invite only those hotels to which I would like to go on my own. And I am picky... for our clients' satisfaction. I also take care for our social media and communication.

Something less private?

We are a small team of passionates, creating the life lasting experiences for our Clients.

What we value is a direct collaboration with our Clients and Business Partners, who are the core of the project that we create.

We talk, we listen, we take action to fulfil the dreams of people, who wish to experience the best travels ever.

You tell your story & we give you the options.

You dream & we make it real.

You decide & we arrange that.

Whatever we propose, make sure it was a hard selection (1:5). We do not propose anything, what we would not like to experience on our own.

Where it came from?

The idea of the project was born over 6 years ago and within the years the concept itself changed at least few times.

Our experience is what shaped it and what let us decide which part of the market we should create.

The trigger to start it was our willingness to create friendly place for these of travellers who expect world class service, welcoming attitute, relaxing atmosphere, unparalleled experiences and individual approach.

This is how Five Star Destiantion was created.

Welcome to our world.

Feel like home. At the luxury one.

Wish you like to join our team?

We are a remote team. We do not own an office, we do not limit ourselves, we travel a lot (while working), we study, learn (all the time) and we love it.

Still, we do collaborate with each other. We are here because we love that.

If you think you could contribute to what we create at Five Star Destination feel free to send your resume to

Tell us where would you like to go and what you would like to do.
For you we will arrange #luxuryeverything.

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