The former stables have been skilfully converted into a modern loft, providing a living space of 250 m2.

A “glass cube” (glass fronts: 12.5 m to the East, 5 m to the South and 4 m to the West) provides a pleasant natural lighting and stunning views. Enjoy a stay in this
unique multifaceted apartment surrounded by the distinctive setting of Golden Hill.

Enjoy a harmonious combination of modern design, elegance and genuineness while savouring the views.

The fully equipped kitchen with a wooden table is all you need to prepare and enjoy the meals spoiling your taste buds.

The open fireplace is the central feature of the living space including the living area, the sleeping area with a round king-size bed, as well as the bathroom.

Sophisticated technical equipment including WLAN internet access, television, DVD player and multimedia accessories was added to the loft to make your stay even more comfortable and modern.

But you do not have to stay in during your stay, although it is worth it. The terraces of 200 m2 providing panoramic views let you fully unwind. Outdoor lounge with barbecue area and outdoor kitchen allow you to choose the preferred space for eating.

AlphaSphere lounger is what you need for deep relaxation. 200 m2 natural swimming pond is at your exclusive use, as well as a detached private sauna cabin and outdoor hot tub.

Wish you like to work during your stay please do not hesitate to ask for a fully equipped office. The owners will be happy to fulfil your request.

Guests of the Loft enjoy the access to the park which extends to 4000 square meters, including the Rose Pavilion at the lavender field, terraces decorated with vines and power places

Garage for two cars is at your disposition, once a helicopter landing site is available on request.

Loft in numbers

Max 2 persons
Not included
1 extralarge round king-size bed
250 m2